Red or white wine? Which is a better date night choice?

The decision, at least in the U.S., is an easy one.

The answer, apparently, is white wine, and that’s now been backed by multiple studies.

According to data released by Sex Sites App, most users, men and women alike would prefer to drink white wine before a date or hookup, and find it more attractive for a potential partner to drink white wine.

The National Restaurant Association recently asked consumers whether they choose red or white wine for date night. More than half said they’d choose white wine, which is the traditional choice in Europe.

Wine critics are divided over the issue. Some feel that white wine is less interesting than red and can’t match red’s ability to enhance the foods that go with it. Others argue that white wine, like white bread, is often a better choice than a red, because it has a milder, fruitier taste and doesn’t leave one feeling as tired after a meal.

But do these distinctions really matter? If you’re having dinner with someone else, is it really important?

It’s not always easy to pick the right wine, and in the end, it comes down to personal taste. But what does science have to say about the difference between white and red wine?

Why Is White Wine More Popular On A Date?

The simplest explanation for the difference in popularity between white and red wines is that white wine is generally easier to drink.

The color of wine comes from the presence of anthocyanin compounds that are produced in grapes after they’ve been crushed. Those chemicals contribute to the vivid color of red wine. However, the grape itself doesn’t actually contain anthocyanin compounds.

White wine, on the other hand, contains anthocyanin compounds, but they’re not in the same amounts found in red wines, so white wine doesn’t have the vivid red color.

If you take a taste, you can detect that white wine has more of a “light,” fruity flavor than red, while the red wine has a stronger, more powerful flavor. That’s the flavor of the anthocyanin compounds.

If you’ve had a glass of both red and white, you’re probably aware of that difference. But what does the science say?

Does the Color of Wine Matter?

The fact that white wine has a lighter, more fruity flavor is not a matter of debate.

If you compare the flavor of red wine and white wine, you can clearly detect a difference. But is the flavor difference enough to affect your preference for one or the other?

In a study published in 2013, researchers wanted to find out. The study looked at data collected by two previous surveys, one involving about 20,000 people in the U.S., and the other about 8,000 people in Italy.

What did the researchers find?

People in the U.S. and Italy tended to like wine the same way. They tended to choose white over red wine in a blind taste test. In both surveys, the majority of those tested chose white wine.

The only difference in the taste test was that those in Italy favored red wine by a little more than a point.

The researchers pointed out that the difference was not statistically significant. That means there’s no scientific basis for the belief that red wine is more popular than white.

It’s possible that if a person is more familiar with a particular type of wine, that may be part of the reason they prefer it, but that’s not the whole story. The researchers also pointed out that many people might be unable to distinguish the taste of a red wine from a white one.

Why does it make sense to prefer white wine over red?

White wine tends to have a lighter, fruitier taste than red. This makes it easy to pair with a wide variety of foods, because the wine’s flavor has the same basic structure — it’s composed of different types of fruit or other flavors that go with food.

Red wine, on the other hand, has a stronger, more powerful flavor. That means that when you pair it with food, the flavors of the wine and the food tend to clash. In other words, you can’t easily mix and match a red wine with food.

Should You Drink White Wine On A Date Over Red Wine?

In the end, the decision about what to drink for date night is very personal. Some people like a more intense wine, and that might be their preference for a special evening.

Others prefer a lighter wine, perhaps a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc. In that case, the difference between white wine and red might not matter.

The key thing to remember is that the choice of wine is a personal decision. If you choose to drink white wine because you prefer it, you’re certainly not wrong. But if someone else in your party prefers red wine, don’t feel obliged to change just to please them. It’s a personal choice that only you should make.

This is an educational article intended to promote discussion and insight on the issues of drinking alcohol. Please drink responsibly.

Guide To Picking a Wine for First Date Hookups

Choosing the right wine is crucial, because the type of wine you bring says a lot about the character of your first and last impression. If you are on a date, you can always pick up a bottle of wine from a local wine shop.

We’ve teamed up with Uberhorny, the casual dating service to suggest the wines recommend when you’re on a first date, and looking to set the mood right for casual hookups.

Here you can find out how to impress your date with a fun wine – with facts and figures. They are put together to make it easy for you, and here are some good tips on how to do it and how not to do it.

Types of Wine

When choosing a wine for a romantic date, the most important thing is to find a wine to enjoy. Choosing which wine to drink at dinner is probably much easier than choosing which wine to enjoy, but the battle between white and red wine will go on forever.

There are certain wines that go with certain dishes, and if you don’t like this type of wine in the first place, you probably won’t enjoy it. Dry wines are something of an acquired taste that you should keep in mind if you don’t drink wine very often at dinner.

Desert Wines

Think about a really full-bodied wine that can be heavy on the palate of your date, and think about dessert wines that are sweeter than your own. You also don’t want to buy a dessert wine that is sweet in itself, but you have to remember that if you want to be noble with your wine. 

If you choose champagne for date night or sparkling wine, you have plenty of choice with the wine you enjoy on your first date. A lot of the choice depends on how you enjoy the champagne. 

Pinot Grigio

Avoid Pinot Grigio, as many pinots and gris fall into the category of “too sweet” or “not at all sweet” for a first date.  Pinot Gris (also called Pinot Grigio) is fruity but light and perfect for picnics. If your first date is a picnic or a date night, you can always grab a bottle of Bellini or Cipriani.


Merlot is another red wine, and Moscato d’Asti is made from Muscat Blanc and is on the verge of a breakthrough in Italy.

White wines

Best aged are usually white wines, such as Chardonnay and Cabernets. Mosmato is an example of a white wine variety and is also available in the United States and other countries. 

When serving a white meat dish, try a German wine, a California wine, or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are produced in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other parts of the world.

Pinot Noir

If you have a date that is vegetarian or meat-free, Oregon Pinot Noir is one of the best wines to pair with your first date night wine. It is hard to argue that a bottle of this wine, with its pearly rose scent, would not be a wise choice. Nebbiolo is the best bet for you – even outside of dates, because it is a great wine for vegetarians and vegans.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on how to make a good choice when it comes to casual dating and try it with wine. Avoid spending time in the aisles of the liquor store when you spend more time with your significant other. 

Champagne & Methode Champenoise

Veuve Clicquot ponsardin

La grand Dame

Moët et Chandon

Cuvée Dom Perignon
Brut Impérial Rosé

Laurent Perrier

Cuvée Grand Siécle


Kaapse Vonkel Brut
Stellenbosch – Cap Classique

Champagne de la maison

Concha y Toro Brut

Champagne Cocktails

The Classic
Sugarcube, bitters, brut champagne, lemon twist

Kir Royale
Crème de casis, brut champagne, lemon twist

Orange Juice, champagne

Grand Mimosa
Grand Marnier, orange juice, champagne

Blue Curacao, amaretto, champagne

Cranberry Juice, champagne

Rum, Creme de banana, champagne

Vins de la Maison


J. Moreau & Fils Select


Rosé d’Anjou 2005
Barton & Guestier
Aromatic and elegant nose, dominated by fresh berry aromas and slight licorice notes.

Woodbridge 2005
White Zinfandel California
This carefully crafted wine offers soft aromas and flavors of fresh strawberries, with floral notes and a bright crispness.


J. Moreau & Fils Rouge
Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
Barton & Guestier
This full-bodied Cabernet-Sauvignon has a rich blackcurrantfruit flavour. It’s a robust wine with a firm structure and a lingering finish

New Arrivals

South Africa

Fleur du Cap Unfilterd Sauvignon Blanc 2006
The wine is brilliant green in colour with golden specs. On the nose the wine shows ample aromas of green pepper with passion fruit and melon. This medium bodied wine has a crisp acidity which complements the tropical fruit flavours on the palate, says winemaker Kobus Gerber.


Balmoral Syrah 2000 Rosemont
This wine is a highly stylized wine, making it unique amongst the several Old Vine South Australian wines of today. Its velvety palate structure and rich expressive fruit mad it an extremely sought wine.

Crasto Douro D.O.C 2005
Made from a blend of Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, this wine shows intense Douro Varietal fruit aromas with hints of spice. The palate is rich and vibrant well supported by soft tannins and balanced acidity.

Les Vins Blanc de France


Blanc de Blancs 2000
Ph. de Rothschild
The wine has a rather complex bouquet, opening on fruity white peach and fresh apricot aromas with a subtle suggestion of ripe tropical fruit.


Pouilly Fuissé 2003 Moreau & Fils
This classic dry wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, offering elegance and complexity. It has a delicate flinty aroma and is dry and crisp on the palate, with lingering mineral overtones.

Chablis 2004 Moreau & Fils
An elegant, well-balanced wine with a delicate, almost ploral nose, following by a long complex finish.

Chardonnay Louis Latour 2004
An elegant, well-balanced wine with a delicate, almost ploral nose, following by a long complex finish.

Chassagne-Montrachet 2003 Louis Latour
Scents of pineapple and hazelnuts open into a lush, spicy, forward, slightly toasty wine with immediate drinkability and appeal.Meursault 2001 Louis Latour
The wine is full in the mouth and well-structured showing exotic fruitiness and a nutty, spicy character.


Muscadet-Serve-et-Maine 2003 Barton & Guestier
Light and refreshing with great finesse.

Sancerre 2003 Barton & Guestier
Pale golden-green, remarkable and aromatic intensity on the nose. Floral notesof white flowers. This is backed up by blackcurrant buds and wild flowers.

De Ladoucette Baron de L Pouilly Fumé 2000
Lovely elegance here, with floral, stone, chalk and white peach flavors augmented by touches of smoke and nuts . Flavors build on the finish, where the texture gains depth and creaminess. Nice definition. Impressive.


Riesling 2004 Hugel & Fils
Freshness, fullness and softness, all those qualities required by a dish of scallops or – and this is remarkable – lobster ‘a 1’americaine’.

Gewürztraminer 2003 Hugel & Fils
This wine is of a deep yellow colour, with candied fruit aromas and a real rich taste

Les Vins Blanc du Monde


Pinot grigio Trentino Doc 2005 Mezza Corona
A crisp lemon-blossom bouquet leads into vibrant flavors of citrus, melon and peach and a clean, well-balanced finish.

Pinot grigio Valdadige DOC Santa Margherita 2004
This dry wine is pale straw-yellow in color.


Chardonnay Maipo 2001 José Canepa
Intensely aromatic fruit and floral flavours with hints of melon and vanilla combine to produce a complex and distinquished wine of great elegance.

Casillero del Diablo 2006 Concha y Toro
Flaxen gold color. A fresh and crisp bouquet. The wine is elegant, round and mouth filling balanced by crisp acidity.


Bodega Navarro Correas Chardonnay 2002
Greenish with golden hues. Tropical fruit with hints of vanilla. fresh, balanced, full-bodied and good acidity balance.

South Africa

Simonsig Chenin Blanc 2005
Youthful clean refreshing bouquet.

New Zealand

Monkey Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2004
Bearing the image of a frolicking green monkey, Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc is delightfully fresh and lively. Overflowing with ripe, sweet flavors of grapefruit and lemon.


Bin 65 Chardonnay 2005 Lindemans
This wine is a medium bodied with acidity balanced with the rich fruit characters and gentle oak. Rich cramy peach fruits fill the mid palate and lead to a subtle, soft nutty oak finish.

United states of America

Woodbridge Sauvignon blanc 2003 R. Mondavi
It has bright citrus, pear and melon fruit aromas that echo in the crisp, lively flavors.

Private Selection Chardonnay California 2003 R. Mondavi
Chardonnay has vibrant flavors and a crisp finish that reflect exceptional Central Coast vineyards.

Les Vins Rouge de Château

Bordeaux – Medoc

Chateau Vieux Maurac Médoc 2002, Barton & Guestier
All the power of a lovely Médoc! The charm and orginalty of this wine can be attributed to the unusual proportion of grape varieties for a Médoc. 60 % Merlot, 40 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Thomas Barton Reserve Medoc 2005
“I have been prompted by the quality of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot fruit available in the Medoc region to bottle this Reserve wine. I hope you find the wine to your liking.” Regards Thomas Barton

Mouton Cadet Réserve Rouge 2001 Philippe de Rothschild
The wine has a clean, brilliant cherry red colour. From a round an smooth attack with well-integrated tannins, the wine remains silky while developing a muscular structure on the palate, complex, substantial and full of fruit.

Bordeaux – Saint Emilion

Thomas Barton Saint Emilion 2005
Displaying characteristic Merlot aromas, its red berry fruit and red cherry notes mingle with touches of spice, liquorice and menthol.


Santenay 2001 Louis Latour
The Santenay possess strawberry and cherry fruit, with a pronounced mineral like, stony, earthy character along with the scent of almonds.

Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 1997 Louis Latour
This wine’s intense colour was matched by a delicate nose with light hints of mushroom and toasted oak. The palate was concentrated with notes of grilled bread and violets but with a lingering Pinot Noir finish.


Beaujolais Villages 2003
Moreau & Fils Pleasant, tender, light, very fruity.

Fleurie 2005 Louis Latour
The vibrant bright colour is combined with a deliciously fruity nos of black forest fruit. On the palate it is smooth and rich with silky concentrated flavours that massage your throat.

Côte du Rhone

Cotes du Rhone 2003 Barton & Guestier
This wine will impress you by its dark colour, its structur, its strong bouquet and its long finish.

Baron’arques 1999 Ph. De Rothschild
The wine has a fine, dark red, almost black colour and a powerful, complex bouquet on notes of spice and coffee with an autumnal and faintly animal undertone.

Les Vins Rouge du Monde


Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2003 Masi
Clear and transparent Fresh with clear notes of cherry and currants. Good body, good, well-balanced and harmonic structure.

Ruffino Chianti 2003
Deep ruby-red colour with hints of berries and wood. Complex and elegant with tannins yet balanced and soft, rich extracts.

Bartoli Giusti Brunello di Montalcino 2000
Deep ruby red in colour with granat reflections. Full-structured with rich perfumes with hints of cherry,red berries and flavours of coffee and cocoa. Well balanced with a lengthy finish.

Riserva di Fizzano Chianti Classico Rocca delle Macie 2000
Intense ruby red, with garnet reflections, hints of wild berries and awell-balanced spicyness. Ripe fruit aromas and a long finish.


Gran Coronas 2001 Torres
Enjoy its intense, fascinating, dark colour and its aroma of cherry and blueberry, hints of toast from ageing in fine oak.

PradoRey R. Roble 2003
Ruby red colour with intense iodised undertones. The wine has medium opaqueness, a good body and is perfectly clean.


Alamos Malbec 2006
This wine presents a deep, opaque violet colour with purple hues. The nose is intense and complex, with ripe black fruits, sweet spice an a touch of violets. The mouthfeel is sweet and supple, with black cherry and cassis flavors. The finish is long and persistent with soft, sweet tannins.


Shiraz 2004 Rosemount
A delicious aroma of warm, spicy liquorice and brambly berry fruit, interwoven with savoury American oak.

Bin 28 Kallimna Shiraz 2001 Penfolds
Deep red, with remnats of purple. Medium-bodied with an immediate appeal-balanced, fruit richness and subtle oak. Spicy, berried stone, fruits unhindered by hard or aggressive tannins or elevated alcohol.


Casillero del Diablo 2005 Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon
Hints of chocolate and spice, generously framed by toasty American oak. It has a mouthfilling texture and is soft but well structured.

Palo Alto Reserva 2005
65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Carmenere, 10% Syrah. The ripe berry flavours and elegand oak create a complex yet balanced wine witch is deep red in colour and rich in aroma and character.

Casillero del Diablo 2005 Concha y Toro Pinot Noir
This Pinot Noir has a light and bright red colour, with complex aromas of strawberries and raspberries, and notes of toasted French oak. Medium bodied wine, with a good structure and a lingering finish.

Escudo Rojo 2002 Baron Philippe de Rothschild
The wine is round and elegant on the palate. The long, rich and lingering finish expresses all the power and elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon ripened under the Chilean sun

Terrunyo Carmenere 2003 Concha Y Toro
Pepper and mineral notes. Tasty and full-bodied: Elegant powerful and lingering in mouth.

United States of America

Opus One 2001 Ph. De Rothschild/ R. Mondavi
The wines, still dominated by the fruit at this early stage, show elegant balance

Chateau St. Jean Merlot 2001
BEST OF THE BEST (4 Stars). The first swirl of this Merlot releases inviting aromas of mint, chocolate and blackberry jam. On the palate, a soft juicy entry filled with supple tannins is layeed with pleasant not of black cherry, sweet tobacco and black plums throughout a long finish.

Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot 2002
Black cherry and spicy vanilla aromas, bright ripe fruit flavors, and a velvety smooth, lingering finish define the style of this Merlot.

Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
Intense wild blackberry and cassis flavors are accented by vanilla, mocha and cedar notes. This wine has subtle tannins and is well structured with a smooth, powerful finish. GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2005- Hilton Head WineFest

Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 R. Mondavi
This wine displays the dark cherry, berry and chocolate aromas and flavors characteristic of high-quality California Cabs.

South Africa

Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Merlot 2001
The Wine has a deep garnet centre with a red rim.”Dark chocolate, savoury spices and smokey flavours on the nose with strong red berry, vanilla and mocha flavours.

Klein Constantia Cabernet Sauvignon 2001
A beautiful ripe, dark red, lightly oaked wine with the taste as well as the aroma of blackberries and the long finish is characteristic for the top quality of this wine.

Vergelegen V 2003 South Africa
Luxurious black plum/cassis lashed with wood.Behind the pyrotechnics, densely layered fruit is waiting to unfold over the next 5-10 years. Single –vyd cab, blended with merlot, tiny seasoning cab franc.

Kobus 2003 South Africa
Behind every great achievement there is usually an individual with an extraordinarily clear vision. This magnificent, superbly balanced wine bears the stamp of such an individual. Bold and outspoken yet refined and elegant, it reflects Kobus du Plessis steadfast commitment to combining new world vitality with classic French flair.

Du Plessis Du Plessis 2004 South Africa
A full bodied blend of mouthfilliing red fruits and earthy characteristics with minerally overtones, highlighted by subtle oaking, richly textured and well integrated savoury tannins

Selection de Sommelier

Château Mouton Rothschild

Château Mouton Rothschild

Richebourg de la Romanée Conti

Richebourg de la Romanée Conti

St. Vivant de la Romanée Conti

Grand Échézeaux de la Romanée Conti

La Tâche de la Romanée Conti

La Tâche de la Romanée Conti

Château Pontet-Canet Paulliac

Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion

Château Gruaud Larose

Les Vins Liquoreux

Italy – Piemont

Moscato d’Asti “Le fronde” Fontanafredda 2005

United States of America

Muscato d Oro Robert Mondavi 2004

South Africa

Vin de Constance Klein Constantia Estate Wine 2001

Les Poissons: Seafood

Poissons et crustaces

Thon grillé aux tomates at échalottes
Grilled tuna loin with é charlottes and tomatoes

Snapper rouge grilles avec le sauce rouge d’ognion et la puree de pommes de terre
Broiled Red Snapper with red onion salsa and mashed potatoes

Tranche de saumon grillée à la sauce crémeuse au homard
Broiled salmon steak served with a creamy lobster sauce

Sole à a meuniére aux amandes dorées ( prix du jour)
Butter sautéed Dover sole with toasted almonds ( today’s quote)

Grosses crevettes à l’ancienne mode provençale
Shrimps sautéed in butter and served in a fresh tomatosauce with herbs from provence.

Plats de Viande: Meat courses

Carré d’agneau rôti accompagné d’huile de romarin, ratatouille et gratin de fromage bleu et de pomme de terre
Roast rack of lamb with rosemary oil, ratatouille, and blue cheese and potato gratin

Filet de boeuf forestière et sauce à la crème
Finest US quality beef tenderloin with various mushrooms in a cream sauce

Filet Mignon de 80z Argentine avec de la sauce à vine rouge
Argentine 80z Filet Mignon with a red wine sauce

Goulash de veau accompagnées de “noodles” epinard
Tender veal goulash served with home-made spinach noodles

Châteaubriand à la sauce béarnaise
Finest US quality beef fillet served with béarnaise sauce

Entrecôte “Café de Paris”
US sirloin topped with our outstanding herb-butter

Emincé de veau à la zürichoise accompagné de rösti
Flakes of tender veal in a creamy white wine sauce with mushrooms and served with rösti potatoes

Emincé de poulet en sauce crémeuse au curry garni de fruits exotiques
Flakes of tender chicken in a cream of curry sauce garnished with exotic fruits

Les Fondues

La fondue au fromage classique (2 personnes)
The original cheese fondue (serves 2)

Fondue bourguignonne (2 personnes)
Beef fondue served with onions, mushrooms, pickles, bell peppers and various sauces (serves 2)

Fondue au chocolat ( 2 personnes)
Chocolate fondue served with various fruits and cookies ( seved 2)

Plats de Viande: Meat courses

Carré d’agneau rôti accompagné d’huile de romarin, ratatouille et gratin de fromage bleu et de pomme de terre
Roast rack of lamb with rosemary oil, ratatouille and blue cheese and potato gratin

Filet de boeuf forestière et sauce à la crème
Finest US quality beef tenderloin with various mushrooms in a cream sauce

Filet Mignon de 80z Argentine avec de la sauce à vine rouge
Argentine 80z Filet Mignon with a red wine sauce

Goulash de veau accompagnées de “noodles” epinard
Tender veal goulash served with home-made spinach noodles

Châteaubriand à la sauce béarnaise
Finest US quality beef fillet served with béarnaise sauce

Entrecôte “Café de Paris”
US sirloin topped with our outstanding herb-butter

Emincé de veau à la zürichoise accompagné de rösti
Flakes of tender veal in a creamy white-wine sauce with mushrooms and served with rösti potatoes

Emincé de poulet en sauce crémeuse au curry garni de fruits exotiques
Flakes of tender chicken in a cream of curry sauce garnished with exotic fruits

Potages: Soups

Crème des escargots á la champagne aux noix de grenoble
Creamy soup of escargots perfumed with champagne and nuts of grenoble

Soupe á l’oigon gratinée
French onion soup au gratin

Potage léger de tomates au basilic 
Light tomato basil soup

Crème de curry aux épinards
Cream of curry soup with spinach

Consommé de poissons safrané aux quenelles de fruits de mer
Fish consommé with saffron and seafood quenelles

The invincible one in French; it is the ball that goes with the mace, the pike and the halberd in the days of the knights.

It is a red-hot spiked ball, hung from a chain at the gallows. It is eerie. It it almost morbid.

It also was the most ingenious spectacle that will ever adorn your table. In a way, La Potence is simplicity itself.

Skewered on the spikes of the hot solid steel globe are succulent cubes of tenderloin, which not only bake at your table but also let the juices drip into the rice below.

The game, or rather the dining experience, is to pick off the cubes when you think they are exactly to your taste and to dip them in one of the various sauces surrounding the rice.

It is in fact a very clever variation of the age-old beef “Bourguignonne” without the oil, however.

As with the Beef Bourguignonne, the rule is that if you happen to drop a cube for whichever reason, you pay the bill. “Bonne Chance” & “Bon Appetit”

Hors D’Oeuvres Froids: Cold Appetizers

Salade verte et sa garniture
Garnished green salad

Carpaccio nôtre façon
Thinly sliced beef with olive oil, aged Parmesan cheese and Lemon

Pâte fait maison agrémenté de foie gras de canard
Home-made pâte garnished with duck foie gras

Tartare de thon aux piments doux
Tuna tartar with mild chilies

Cocktail de crevettes en sauce à l’eau-de-vie à la julienne de pomme
Shrimp cocktail in a brandy sauce with apple julienne

Sélection de poissons fumés au raifort
Smoked fish variation with horseradish

Assiette de viande des Grisons, coppa, prosciutto, appenzell et gruyere
Platter with swiss air-dried beef, coppa, proscuitto ham, appenzeller and gruyère cheese.

Quene de langouste de caraïbe grillé sur mosaïque des haricots rouge et noir caramélisées service avec beurre au citron
Grilled local rock lobster tail on a mosaic of caramelized red and black beans, served with lime butter

Escargots marinés au cognac et servis sur lit de choucroute au vin avec beurre d’herbes
Escargots marinated in cognac and served on a bed of white sauerkraut with herb butter

Grosses crevettes épicées sur le gril et sauce à l’ ail miellée
Spicy grilled shrimps with a garlic scented honey sauce

Cuisses de grenouille servies en jus de volaille crémeux
Frogs’ legs served in a creamy poultry sauce

Coquilles Saint-Jacques grillés à la mousse de tomates blanches et aux aperges vertes servies sur vinaigrette à la coriander
Grilled sea scallops with white tomato mousse and green asparagus, on a cilantro vinaigrette

Cr êpe à la mode du Clochard ” 1978″
Crepe filled with seafood ragout with hollandaise sauce “au gratin”

Risotto de crevettes aux cepès
Shrimp risotto with boletus mushrooms

Raclette à la valaisanne
Melted Swiss raclette cheese served with boiled potato, pearl onions and pickles