When it comes to คาสิโนออนไลน์, the word “bonus” is certainly one of the most used. In particular , เกม คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ represent an inseparable combination with bonuses : in fact, there is no gaming site of this type that does not offer its users some kind of offer: no deposit promotions to attract new users, offers on deposits for entice you to play for real money and other forms of bonuses that aim to make the player “loyal” to a certain brand over time.

Many bonuses yes, but also very different from each other. In fact, each operator applies conditions on this kind of promotion that radically change the gaming experience of users. And also the chances of pocketing a win. The first aspect to consider when planning to take advantage of an offer at an online casino is the wagering requirement . This is a value that indicates how many times the player must wager the deposit amount before being able to withdraw any winnings made with the bonus balance. For example, with a deposit of € 100 and a wagering requirement of 30 times, the player must be able to generate a play volume of € 3000 to unlock the conditions provided. That said, it appears clear howthe best bonuses are those with the lowest possible wagering requirement . All other things being equal, a promotion with a requirement of 10 or 20 times is always preferable to a promotion with a requirement of 30 or 40 times.

One particular type of bonus, called a real bonus or cash bonus , has a 1-time wagering requirement. This is undoubtedly the best condition for players, who can then immediately withdraw the winnings obtained without the need to deal with constraints or limitations. Unfortunately, there are very few casinos on the web that offer this type of promotion, but by looking slowly you can find some offers of this type.

Particular attention must also be paid to the choice of the percentage with which the bonus paid is calculated . A 100% deposit bonus is always preferable to a 50% bonus for example, as it allows you to receive an extra amount of money for double play. In the case of a deposit of € 100, in fact, in the first case, € 200 would actually be available to play, in the second case only € 150.

The limit amount of the bonus is also an aspect to consider, although for most players this is not a problem. Bonuses of up to € 500 or up to € 1000 are well beyond the reach of Sunday players. On the contrary, a bonus limited to € 100 could be a limitation for those who intend to bet with rather large amounts.

In general, therefore, we can say that the ideal bonus would be the real one, with a one-time requirement, a percentage of 100% or higher and a high limit amount . Obviously, such a bonus, unfortunately, does not exist! Having to deal with the reality of the facts, we recommend that you take into account the various aspects discussed in this order:

  • First evaluate the wagering requirement, choosing the bonus for which it is lowest.
  • Evaluate the percentage with which the bonus is calculated, choosing if possible an offer of 100% or higher.
  • Finally, evaluate the limit amount of the promotion.

Therefore, a bonus with a requirement of 10 times, a percentage of 50% and a limit of € 100 is better than a bonus with a requirement of 100 times, a percentage of 200% and a limit of € 1000!

Gambling in online casinos can be both an adrenaline-pumping activity and a fun pastime, but don’t forget that your money is at stake. The calculated risk is an acceptable thing for those who bet (on the other hand, it is known, it is easier to lose than to win), but the risk of entrusting one’s money to a poorly honest or poor quality gaming service is instead a risk that everyone should avoid running. In this post, therefore, we see how (and where) it is possible to find the most important information relating to casinos and online gaming, so as to be sure to bet only through the best operators .

Sometimes simple advice from experts in the sector can avoid problems and allow you to take advantage of particular advantages, such as exclusive bonuses. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to know this world before investing your money. Playing informed is the first step to making online casino gaming fun. The easiest way to find quality information on this activity is to view the most complete and authoritative portals dealing with gaming. Unfortunately, for reasons that we are not going to analyze here, not all informational websites actually provide fair and unbiased resources, so novices in the industry can still be misled. 

It is always good to remember, when playing online, to do it responsibly and only for fun, without exaggerating and without thinking that gambling is a risk-free way to get rich. Responsible gaming is one of the most important and yet underrated topics in the money betting industry. Evaluating your relationship with gambling allows you to make correct decisions and avoid situations in which gambling transforms from a pastime to an illness. One of the most important resources in this regard is the site, which we recommend reading to all those who intend to bet money in online casinos or other forms of betting on the web, even if only to “try it once”.

Slot machines are regarded as the best games that can be found in online casinos. What makes them so interesting as to constitute the games in which more than 50% of the total bets played in casinos are produced is their indisputable charm, deriving from the simplicity of play, the fun they can offer and above all their great variety.

Unlike all other casino games, in fact, slot machines do not require special skills and are therefore accessible to all types of players and the “thrill” that you feel while waiting for the reels to stop is one of the reasons why players lose the desire to participate in these games.

Another characteristic aspect of slot machines concerns the speed of play: the player has an immediate feedback after each spin and the spins can follow each other without waiting or downtime.

Much of the fun associated with slot machines, however, derives from a psychological component, as the outcome of play in slot machines depends solely on luck.

In fact, once the game has started, the player has no possibility of influencing the final outcome. This translates into a lack of responsibility that allows you to enjoy the game without having to regret wrong actions, as can happen for example in blackjack by asking for an additional card and “busting”, when perhaps the dealer’s cards were not so good to justify. the risk.

The widespread use of slots is also linked to the desire for continuous innovation in the sector: from simple one-line slot machines with the famous “bar” symbols and cherries, we have moved on to sophisticated games with three-dimensional graphics, which offer many paylines, full of secondary bonus games and complex game structures in which the results of a game are sometimes kept for subsequent sessions, so as to follow a path that can lead to ever greater winnings.

The presence of progressive jackpots does nothing but increase the desire of the players, who always have a luminous panel under their eyes in which they see the value of the maximum achievable win increase minute by minute, often creating a strong hope of “breaking the bank”. in question.

However, you have to be careful when playing slots, because they are the games in which it is easier to develop a gambling addiction.

Fun is a good thing, but you must always be careful not to turn a pastime into an obligation, which can have serious consequences from all points of view.

So we will never tire of repeating to have fun, but always do it wisely and responsibly.